Organic Synthesis Exploration Tool

(A Computer-assisted Organic Synthesis project)









About the project

The OSET project is currently under development at the School of Chemistry of the National Autonomous University of Mexico by Iván Tubert and Eduardo Tubert.The aim of the project is to develop a Computer-Assisted Organic Synthesis (CAOS) program for use in the teaching of Organic Chemistry, and retrosynthetic analysis in particular.

  • The program will be open-source and freely available under the GNU General Public License. This is in support of the Open Science Project. As far as we know, there is no other open-source project in Computer Aided Organic Synthesis. There are a couple of commercial CAOS programs costing around $200 USD. But the main advantage of the open-source paradigm is not the price but the possibility to adapt the program to your needs and the possibility of distributed development (and debugging!).
  • It should run on the most popular computer types and operating systems (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, etc.). To achieve this, rather than writing a different version for each operating system, we decided to take advantage of the portability of Java.

At this time we have a working prototype for Windows 95-98 (development of the windows version has been discontinued), and we are currently developing a client-server system with the client written in Java and the server written in C. We used the freely distributed stucture editor applet from ChemAxon for the structure input part.

Try the OSET Applet!

Last update: 8/23/2000